Hilly Places To Visit In Pakistan

Tourists come to Pakistan every year, and most of them are interested in visiting places that are quite different from what they would see at home. One of the best destinations for tourists is to visit the hilly areas because it offers a nice experience on a number of levels. Here are some of the top places that tourists should visit when they’re traveling to Pakistan.

The first place to visit is Kaghan Valley. This area of Pakistan is very scenic with snow-capped mountains all around. The weather can get quite cold during the winter so it’s best if you plan to come here between September and November. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take pictures as you explore the valley too.

Another good destination for tourists is the Swat Valley. It’s situated north of Islamabad and offers some of the best outdoor scenery in Pakistan. The area plays host to plenty of rivers, streams, and waterfalls that can captivate you for days on end as you explore them for photographic opportunities.

The Baltoro Glacier is another great place to visit while travelling to Pakistan. There are a number of tour companies that offer easy access but you’ll need to be proficient at climbing if you want to reach the top because it’s very steep there. If you do have experience then this should be right up your alley since ice climbing has become one of the most popular ways for people to spend their leisure time these days due to how thrilling it can be when done properly.

We all know that the biggest city in Pakistan is Karachi, but what if you’re looking for something less metropolitan? There are plenty of others out there that have been featured in movies and TV shows so it’s worth your time to see what they have to offer. Lahore was a major stop along the Silk Road during ancient times, while Peshawar has a large number of historical sites as well as parks and more that can be very fun to explore depending on what your interests are.

This should give you an idea about some of the top places to visit when travelling around Pakistan. Of course, there are many other destinations out there, but this gives you an eclectic mix to plan your trip accordingly. Just remember that no two places are the same, so make sure you’re planning ahead for your trip to ensure that you have an optimal experience.

The mountain resort of Murree, situated in the Punjab province, is just a few hours drives from Islamabad. It offers some of the best skiing opportunities in Pakistan with five ski lifts serving an area with the largest number of slopes and powder snow outside Europe. Tourists who come here can expect to find hotels, bungalows, and restaurants as well as shopping opportunities to make their trip enjoyable.

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, has plenty to offer when it comes to tourism because it’s a city that’s very modern and vibrant in its nature. You’ll find all kinds of shopping opportunities, sightseeing options, entertainment choices such as cinemas and theatres, and many other things you can do in your free time.