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Creative Writing - Fiction, Poetry and Non-Fiction - Writers Feedback Site
Welcome to Writers In Touch!
Writers In Touch is a dynamic creative writing site for writers of all descriptions to post their work and give and receive feedback.
Membership is free. Post plenty of useful feedback and you can post more and more of your own work here.
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Latest Articles
Here are the most recent articles, stories and poems posted by the last 20 different writers.
Slip7 v0 c
by Jason E (Poetry » General)
Kinda self explanatory
The Modification3 v0 c
by Harry Buschman (Fiction » General)
Second thoughts after the breakup.
Crazy Girls9 v0 c
by Mitchell Franco (Fiction » Love and Relationships)
Three Stories of Stormy Love (comments welcome)
Above below19 v1 c
by Stuart Cannell (Poetry » General)
A pigeon observes the city beneath it.
The Gloaming of a Golden Era 12 v0 c
by Carl Halling (Non-Fiction » Memoirs)
As in the cases of all my autobiographical writings, names of people have been changed, or modified, to the best of my ability in the name of privacy, while dialogue is approximate.
The Gates v Peg 2273 v3 c
by Paul Hunter (Poetry » People and Places)
TEARS89 v1 c
by Oluwakemi Falodun (Fiction » Love and Relationships)
Death doesn't put an end to love. Just felt I should write this for those that have lost their loved one(s).
Scent of revenge84 v2 c
by Thomas Reach (Fiction » Crime and Detective)
Noir style revenge.. Please comment
The Story of Slavery Through My Eyes: Ruthy Lee Porter156 v1 c
by Ian Courts (Fiction » Historical)
A Story of an African American woman born into slavery and endured it through its heighth and its lows. The story tells of her experiences of rape, being ripped apart from her children and witnessing the death of her husband. This is the story of slavery
DONAGON of the BLOOD DRAGONS (please leave a comment)31 v3 c
by Alicia Websdale (Fiction » Novels and Novellas)
Donagon is a blood dragon who has distaced himself from other dragons, but now that a Stella Dragon has entered his world running for her life, he must abondon his life of solitude and save her from an unkown enemy.
Calm Waters124 v8 c
by jan nunn (Poetry » Life and Death)
a reminder to myself
Real59 v4 c
by Joe Bowman-cole (Fiction » General)
Everyone is the same, aren't they?
cigarettes and Wine80 v3 c
by Stephanie Carr (Fiction » Love and Relationships)
realationship problems in relation to a ashtray
Afternoon Drinks45 v3 c
by Kirsty Phillips (Fiction » Love and Relationships)
A woman meets a stranger from the internet, could a relationship be building or something else?
Cold Case Murder in Storyland108 v5 c
by Dennis clough (Fiction » Humour)
Things are a little different where time doesn't matter...
Homo Homini Lupus83 v1 c
by TJ Burton (Fiction » Experimental and Underground)
Over and over and over again.....
Short Poems136 v7 c
by swasti bora (Poetry » General)
Rediscovered in an obscure folder...forgotten lines scribbled a long time back
Mother's Revenge168 v9 c
by sorcha ruane (Fiction » Family)
A short piece from a sick mother's point of view. Possibly!
Survival67 v3 c
by Tessa Edwards (Fiction » Thriller)
First part of novel idea. Work in progress all feedback appreciated. Thriller/drama
Tempest240 v8 c
by Terry Lee (Poetry » General)
There is a storm coming

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