Heroes Charge – PC Like RPG Game Experience on Mobile


Heroes Charge – RPG Experience on Your Smartphone

Want to pass the time in a few moments of freedom and love playing RPG games? Then I have one interesting RPG game that you can play anywhere on your smartphone. We are talking about Heroes Charge. This new multiplayer Role-Playing Game from UCool studious is quite action filled. You have a whole pool of various heroes to unlock, battle areas and different equipment to unlock. But, all this at what price? Yes, it is a freemium, meaning free to play game with some IAP (micro-transactions) involved. Although, don’t be much afraid since you can use Heroes Charge Hack to tackle this issue very easily and generate these items. Another option could be the endlessly long waiting while you progress through the various stages of this game.

Understanding the Game Basics

There is a world similar to ours set in this game and you are building an army of heroes fighting against the enemies and eventually expanding your kingdom. Although I feel the creators of Heroes Charge could have made it more clear as to whom are we fighting against and who we really are. Apart from this, just like any other RPG, there are one-liners constantly being spoken by your heroes and enemies in the good old classic speech bubbles, lending some variety to the game. The rest is completely left upon your own imagination. The design and graphics are good and quite improved when compared to others, but they do lack originality and seem copied. There also has been a recent case going against Heroes Charge (UCool) where they were accused of copying or taking too much inspiration from a similar popular game, and they were correct.

Understanding the Deep Mechanics

There are also variety of villains into this game including but not limited to Nagas, Treants, Elves, Sahagins and more. The fighting stages are separated and divided into each small chapters, which further contains one level of it’s own. First, you fight the weak and small enemies, which are moderately easy to beat. However, then when it’s time to face the bosses, things gets interesting and challenging, making the game more thrilling. This is the time when you make use of the special powers of each hero to beat the heck out of those bosses and win the ultimate battle of that chapter, hence moving to the next one.

Each heroes in this game has different roles to play and fill in. While some are healer, others are tank or casters. Of course, as you would expect with these roles, each has special powers of their own which can range from healing to dropping a powerful attack on the enemies. The potion or drops is used to upgrade or promote your heroes, their stats and make them more powerful by upgrading their gear and equipment. When starting out, there is not much freedom of how you want or can customize your characters. But as you advance further into the game and win more battles, that is when things starts to get interesting.


Though UCool claims this game to be full of action filled, an unique RPG on mobile, I am a bit hesitant to call it so. The heroes are always doing their own thing and launches auto-attacks, so what you as a hero are supposed to do is only few minor things including launching the final or special attack at the right moment. This does leave RPG players of PC gamers especially unsatisfied, not having ability to do more.

Also, there are some limitations on how you approach further in this game. Before playing Heroes Charge, understand that the whole game will resolve around stamina, gold and gems – the game’s premium currencies. You will require all of these to upgrade your heroes and give them better power and abilities or to unlock one of over fifty heroes available. You will also require stamina to fight and earn gold and earn gold to refill stamina, an endless loop. These are also exhausted very quickly and this is where they bait you an offer to buy gems, their in-app currency to upgrade to better heroes or upgrading the character’s skills.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get me wrong though, Heroes Charge does have an enormous amount of potential but it does have it’s own issues to deal with as well. Despite not being able to customize in the early stages and auto-playing, the amount of content and stages that you can unlock and play is definitely lucrative. There is ample amount of things to do in the game always which will keep you busy. You can also pay (if you wish) to unlock more new, premium battles or stages. From a quick, fun point-of-view, Heroes Charge is a good fit. But for the advance gamer who wants to squeeze the maximum gaming experience from an RPG game and alike, perhaps this game isn’t for you.

Marvel Contest Of Champions – Reviewed

General Information About This Game

You recognize a game’s potential and interest when it is so incredibly addictive that it makes your phone run out of battery and leaves it drained. The latest title from Marvel, known as Contest of Champions is the perfect example of this.


If you don’t like free-to-play games as many of those being a freemium model with them, you are surely going to love Contest Of Champions because despite being a similar type of game, it’s moves, graphics and overall gameplay is going to catch your attention. You are free to use marvel contest of champions hack though if you run into any issues. You have a lot of things to do here including building an army of entire Marvel heroes into your collection.

Basic Story of Game

The game finds it’s inspiration from nowhere else, but it’s own good old comic series, which was also titled as “Contest Of Champions”. Basically, the heroes and villains of this game are made to lose their memory and participate in some sort of contest, where the strongest one will win and will be crowned as “Champion” of all the heroes. The feel and storyline of this game feels almost like a movie, where you get to have one-on-one encounter with the enemies and beat them up to defeat.

Taking An Inside Look

The game rewards you based on your gameplay and efforts. As you continue to defeat more enemies, the more number of heroes and villains you can have and face. This in turn adds much more power to them and thus, enabling you to fight much more stronger opponents.

The action and fighting sequence is the heart of this game. The controls are really crisp and responsive, making fights very smooth, fast and satisfying in general. The battles on an average usually lasts for a minute or two.

The only con I can find and feel is that despite number of heroes given in this game, they don’t have much unique superpowers of their own. All the heroes executes almost same moves, apart from one special, unique attack each of them hold. However, the fights are still smooth and very thrilling.

The game does lack details in fight, and each fight is completed very soon. This is not a problem for the people who doesn’t have much longer attention span, however, the insane gamers who likes to squeeze everything out of a game might find this issue less satisfying.

Just like games of other similar genre, there is also an energy meter that exists in Contest Of Champions. This makes your superheroes to wait for a couple of hours before they can take on any new fights. This, to be honest, is a little downside of this game especially for the impatient gamers like me.

Oh yeah, did I say that money talks? What I mean is, you can abolish all of this waiting game by spending out few bucks and buying their premium currencies and upgrades. When you have a lot of free time to pass, this can be problematic if you are not willing to throw out money. However, meanwhile, you can play other games to kill time and let it recharge. Also, when you complete a quest or match, you will be awarded with what’s known as Crystal, the game’s premium currency. You can use these to unlock new sort of powers and heroes.

Other annoying downside of this game is it’s harsh requirement of having internet connection present at all the times, during the gameplay at least. If you don’t have a connection on, it is as good as not having the game installed as you would not be able to play, even if it is the single-player mode that you are playing. You also run at risk of being disconnected when battling through stages because of lose internet connection.

Final Verdict

Despite all of this, I would say that the graphics and gameplay of this game still makes it all worth for playing Contest of Champions. All the characters looks and feels exactly like the Marvel’s comics. The game also recently surpassed $100 Million of revenue just in 7 months, which is the fastest feat yet for any game. This also proves that there are lot of people and kids who will spend money on micro-transactions and upgrade no matter what.

The gameplay is fun and rewarding at times. Hence, if you love Marvel and it’s superheroes, it doesn’t hurt to try this game out. And even though you are not willing to shell out any money on it, the game is still pretty playable and enjoyable.

Pou – The Virtual Pet Game You Have Been Waiting For

Pou is one of the best virtual pet game that is available on Android and iOS operating system. Defining Pou is easy. Basically, Pou is an alien character which has similar needs like us humans. You are supposed to raise Pou, feed and take care of him, keep him well groomed and clean. You are also supposed to play with him and make him grow stronger and keep in a good health and shape.

But, Pou doesn’t start big or as adult. Pou is born small character. It looks like a triangular shaped character with soft, rounded edges. To direct your pet in any direction, you simply put the finger where the Pou is required to reach and it will start following towards the denoted destination. On top of the screen of this game, you will notice that are various stats located about your pet. On the other hand on the bottom of the screen, you will find inventory of all the items and things that Pou has or which you can make use of.


There are some important things that you must do in this game. The first thing to start with is never leave your Pou hungry! Always make sure to feed him well. You feed him by dragging the food towards his mouth. When he is fed well, you can immediately notice that his mood and overall health and happiness will increase, resulting in reducing his appetite. Now, all those food will of course also cause problems, if you know what I mean! So you must also go on looking for the mess it created across all rooms inside the house.

And yes, you heard it right. Pou is not an ordinary guy. It lives in a well furnished home with kitchen, entertainment room, bedroom and a lot more. Kitchen is of course for as the name states, getting the food. Bedroom is for getting some nice sleep and entertainment room is for gaming and all other pleasures. Now, the most amazing area in the house is the laboratory, yes a lab! This is where you can make and do some amazing transformations to your Pou.

By using pou hack or buying upgrades through app store, you can completely customize how your Pou looks and behaves. Certain upgrades can cost more than the rest. The more you play, the more of this premium currency you can earn.

Few hours of playing into this game and you will notice your Pou transforming. That is, he will start maturing more and won’t be a kid anymore. You can also click a photo of him, just like you would do of any real life baby!

The simple secret of success behind this game is none other than simpicity. It is very easy to play and also a very straightforward game. All objects in this game are almost controlled by the movement of your finger tip, simply dragging them to do necessary tasks.

While it is true and would not be wrong to say that graphics aren’t the strongest factor of this game, it’s gameplay despite simple and basic graphics is what makes this game very interesting and highly addictive. I would recommend Pou to anyone and everyone who always wanted to own a pet and/or are a fan of virtual pet games.

The Ultimate Review of Marvel Future fight Game


So today, we have decided to review the newest game from Marvel called future fight. It is a very nice game as specially for a new game player. It is an action-based fighting game. It is very similar to the fellow games like Dungeon Hunter and Eternity Warriors. The real question is whether you should play this game if you have never been a fan of the Marvel comics? We will find out this in our detailed review.

Marvel future fight is definitely a superhero game. At the first sight, it appears that this game is an extremely competitive superhero game with great action packed environment. It also looks and feels very mature than compared to the other superhero and fighting games which looks childish. The texture and character of this game also looks very sharp and interesting especially considering this is a mobile game.

There is very little level of variety available here. Although this seems quite a norm in this latest games. Unlike other games of Marvel which offers and allows you to throw every other objects you can imagine such as cars, trash cans and what not, future fight does not allow you to do this. This makes gameplay a little hard to believe and less interesting. You will find objects such as the barrels which will drop points, gears and power ups.

However, that is not to say that the gameplay of this game is not good. It is actually exceptionally well when compared to other games. There are no game items such as mana and potions to worry about. As a result this makes combat more believable. You will find that when you start fighting tougher enemies, the health of your character will deteriorate and you will hardly find any health potions apart from those barrels. These can slow things down considerably.

In this game, upgrading your year will unlock a random bonus that is attached to it. However, you cannot use this to remove the energy damage done on your hero.

There is a lot of farming that can be done in future fight game. You are supposed to do following for items that are known as biometrics. You can use these to unlock a new superhero, after which it can be used to rank the level of these superheroes which in return unlocks new abilities and stats.

What you will find a frustrating is that the hero’s ultimate skill is locked and can be only unlock in the final level, which requires a number of biometrics. You can solve this problem using marvel future fight hack or by spending money on the in game purchases. This is known as micro-transaction system and this premium currency is known as crystals. However, the game is very generous to award this premium currency in the various ways when compared to other games.

Now this is mainly because the biometrics can be obtained through regular playing while other games in this area requires a lot of money. You can also on three crystals by playing the player versus player battles. Occasionally, if there were lovers are feeling generous, they will also award you with the free crystals. If you are smart, you can achieve all of this for free without spending a dime on it.

So, at the end of this review, I would say that this game is not only for the Marvel fans, but fans of all such similar games. While it has its own set of cons, it is still a very interesting and captivating game to play. Give it a shot and let us know what you think about it.

A Deep Look Into The Asphalt 8 Airborne Game

Asphalt 8 or Asphalt 8 Airborne is the latest release to its grand successor Asphalt 7 Heat. With the release of this new version, a lot of new stuff can be seen but one fact remains the same – an incredible and highly addictive gaming experience, which is of course expected coming from Gameloft.

Seeing the title of this new version should give you some hint, if you are smart to recognize it. Asphalt 8 “Airborne”, which means that for sure, there are going to be some high flying, action pounding stunts and gameplay in this Asphalt 8. Basically, you get rewarded in various ways by performing stunts and tricks while you are airborne (in air) which is really cool. However, one thing to keep in mind is to keep balance and momentum to make sure you don’t break the motion while you are in air. Otherwise, the stunt that appeared to be perfect will go all wrong and you will end up crashing on the road. Here, it totally depends on the skills you as a driver posses.


There are lot of modes and variety of ways you can experience the Asphalt 8 in. If you have sense of completing variety of challenges, there is story mode such as world series or career mode that you can give a shot to. If playing or competing with a buddy sitting near-by, you can turn on the wifi and experience the racing fun by competing with him live. Or if you want to challenge the best players in the world, there is also multiplayer mode where you can race with some of the best racers (online players) in this world. There are various options, which sometimes can be overwhelming, so take your time and explore each of them, one-by-one.

Speaking of choosing to go and play with the career mode, you begin by having a bare minimal car and limited amount of money (game currency). This however should not be a factor to be upset at. As you advance further in the game by winning races and performing cool stunts, you will start earning more and more money, depending on your performance. You can also pick up stars and unlock various other racing events that this game offers. You can also take advantage of asphalt 8 hack to make the game more rewarding and interesting. Various stunts like barrel roll, knockdowns, etc also helps in unlocking these special events.

Speaking of the game graphics, well, I am short of words to describe how amazing they are. If you have played the former versions of this game including the past Asphalt 7 Heat, you do know what you can expect from all the latest series of this game. However yes, the hardware requirements of this game is a bit above the the norms. If you are an iPhone user and own an iPhone dating back before the iPhone 5 series, you are more prone to experience some lag and glitches. But surprisingly, most versions of the iPad holds up very well. One thing that I exceptionally liked about A8 is that it syncs data between all your devices. So even if you have it installed in iPhone and iPad say, switching to either of devices will have your latest game saved, which is pretty fantastic if you ask me.

Touching the heart of the game now, it’s gameplay. What to say, just like graphics, it is a delight to play Asphalt 8. There are some changes in how you control this game though. For example, you tilt your phone to steer, support of auto-acceleration, tapping the right and left bits of screen to apply brakes and nitro boost is one of the coolest additions. The positioning and function of these controls are placed very well and you don’t feel the frustration or tap inappropriately in a hurry, which is quite commendable.

Now, it may feel that the game is easy to play and start. Indeed, it is. But the real challenge comes when playing it professionally to win the races and defeating the opponents. If you lack technique and good driving skills here, it gets incredibly hard to win the races. There are things however you can do to uplift your chances such as upgrading or car by spending money on it or by collecting in-game money that you get by winning the race. Although the latter is quite hard.

The races in this game takes place in the different cities of the World including United States, Japan and a lot more. Driving through tunnel, saving yourself from the traffic, discovering the hidden shortcut all together makes Asphalt 8 game a very thrilling and exciting racing game in itself.

Lastly, the price of this game is not free. But still, it is a mere 99 cents which is very affordable if you ask me, especially for such an amazing game. If you are fan of racing games, demanding good graphics like console or computer games, then Asphalt 8 is a game that you must try!

Tips, Tricks And Review For Spider-Man Unlimited Game

Right since the childhood, many children (if not all) always have fancied some sort of superhero they wanted to be. Fancied by all the magical superpowers they posses, it is so natural for kids to be fancied and be attracted towards them.

In this superhero saga, the heroes especially from the Marvel comic are more popular. It consists some of the best and fantastic characters. Fantastic Four, Hulk and what not. And oh, yes, how could we forget this…the main hero of this topic – SPIDER MAN!

Seriously, right since the childhood, I have always fancied the powers and possibilities Spider Man possessed. It was so cool to be one. I even remember having a water toy which we were supposed to wear in palms and on squashing it, the water would splash out of the opening, as if we were blasting the spiders full of web, ha!

Needless to say, I used to watch all its movies, cartoons and as well as play all the games related to Spider-Man. Times have changed and we are now living in the smartphone age. So of course, one would expect a game related to smartphone for Spider Man as well.

spiderman unlimited

This turned out to be true when Marvel released a game application called Spider-Man Unlimited. As soon as I knew about it, I know I had to play it. I downloaded it on my smartphone and started playing it. I must say that the game doesn’t fail to captivate the reader’s attention and the game playing experience is absolutely a joy.

However, after playing for a while, I (and many) realize that the game gives limited amount of ISO-8 and Vials. This does lead to some frustration amongst many players. One nice and good thing is that there are tools like spider-man unlimited hack which helps in solving this problem within few minutes.

The only other option apart from using cheats would be to pay for these in-game items as in-app purchases. Spending money on app does sound mediocre but well, many people still do it.

But if you are like me who doesn’t like to spend money and wishes to go through the software route, you can use tools similar to mentioned above and take your spider-man unlimited game playing experience to next level.

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The Perfect Guide To Cooking Fever Game

Cooking is such a word that brings the joy on face of everybody. What do you think immediately when you think of cooking? A delicious snack? A nice dessert? Or some amazing spicy and sizzling dish? Either way, whatever the food is, but the word cooking alone is enough to bring saliva out of one’s mouth and start fumbling with his thoughts, lol.

Ever since I was a little child, cooking has always attracted me. I would watch my mom cook food for hours and hours, non-stop. Occasionally, I would also chime in to help my mother with a thing or two. In the teen years, being always attracted to cooking, I started cooking some standard dishes.

Needless to say, I was always interested and thought whether if there was an interesting app or roleplaying type game based on cooking. If so, things would be so much awesome to have that “feel” of being someone I have always fancied to be – a five star chef!

cooking fever

A few months ago when I heard that there was a game on cooking released, I gasped out of my seat in joy and immediately proceeded to download it. The name is “Cooking Fever”. Yep, the word fever sets in well there as many passionate cooks like me have fever to make awesome dishes.

Your role as an owner, chef and manager of the restaurant in that game app is to bring more customers, make your shop look attractive and just overall growing your “virtual” business as a hotel owner from strength-to-strength.

I must say that the game is very fun to play. But it limits you based on the resources the game has. For example, to almost do anything amazing in the game, you require gems and coins.

To solve this issue, you can opt for tools like cooking fever hack which makes the game-play and overall playing experience much better.

You might be thinking that you can work harder and try to earn them naturally. Well, you can. But it is a tedious and boring process. If you have played this game for few days, you can probably attest to this.

The only other option apart from using software like that is to buy or purchase them as in-app purchases. However, that is not very appealing as the cost of doing so can skyrocket.

Hence, employing use of such tools and cheats is best idea in my opinion to make your cooking fever game playing experience more exciting and fun!

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One Piece Treasure Cruise Review Plus Bonus Tips

One Piece – where to begin? Probably one of the favorite Manga and Anime series for many people, especially the teens. As we were growing up, one piece was one cartoon that I used to watch without missing even an episode. Needless to say, those were such a good times back in early 2000s.

Ever since I saw that series, I would always wonder whether how would it feel to play a game based on the one piece series. Few years passed by and here we are in 2015 where the world of games and mobile has changed for the much better.

The guys at Bandai Namco developed such a nice game based on this series. It is known as One Piece Treasure Cruise. Basically, in this game, you have to hunt for the treasure. It has various fun and exciting chapters to play – some that will keep you busy and enjoying for hours!

one piece treasure cruise

As like in all game applications, there are certain in-game items here in this game, too. These mainly consist of Rainbow Gems, Beli (also known as Gold) and the Stamina, which increases periodically.

Getting all of these in-game items naturally is a very slow and tedious process. It takes time and patience to have stock sufficient of these to a level that you can sit back and enjoy the game. Now, there is an option of paid in-app purchases through which you can buy and restock beli and gems, but that is going to be super heavy on pockets. And the costs can add up quickly.

Now, apart from the paid route, one solution that comes to my mind is to use one piece treasure cruise hack which can make this game a lot of easier and more fun to play.

If you are not aware of what such cheats or tools does, no problem. Let me explain this in little brief. What softwares like these does is that they have some way of patching the system on the player’s side, making the system believe that he has for real earned or collected those gems and gold.

So, when a player uses such tools and generates these resources, they are added to their account. And as a result of this, definitely, the game playing experience is remarkably improved.

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Here’s The Easiest Way To Cheat In Alphabetty Saga

There is something very special about the games King.com (company) makes. First, Candy Crush Saga, followed by Farm Heroes Saga, Bubble Witch Saga and a lot more. These are the games that keeps smartphone and all other players in general hooked up for hours.

And they have done it yet again. A while ago, King has also released the newest type of game known as Alphabetty Saga. It is not exactly a 3 Match Puzzle game as you would expect from their franchise, but it is a lot similar and not to mention – absolutely delight to play.

alphabetty saga

Alphabetty Saga is essentially a Word Match game. There is a square box of jumbled letters. You need to find the hidden patterns and make the dictionary words out of it. There are limited set of moves (chances) given or allotted to you in each level. You need to achieve the target points mentioned by using those moves. If you run out of them, there is nothing you can do except to buy them.

However, over the past few weeks, there have been interesting solutions popping up which claim to generate unlimited amount of moves, lives and gold. They are often known as alphabetty saga hack and they do certainly look interesting to me.

Moreover, many websites like these also offers cheats for alphabetty saga which also makes the gameplay more interesting and best of all, easy. Because once you run out of limited number of moves and lives, there is nothing you can do except for waiting for few hours. Of course, there are options to pay and purchase as in-app purchases but who would want to spend such a big amount of money for just a mere game?

So all in all, it is a really good game to play. It certainly can kill time pretty fast. Often best to be played when you have limited time like lunch breaks and so on. But if you are an avid gamer, it probably makes sense to use alphabetty saga cheats to make things easier and enjoyable.

Let me know by leaving a comment below on what you think of our review and whether if you too just like us, like playing Alphabetty Saga. :)

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