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STRANGER (please leave a comment)111 views0 comments
 by Alicia Websdale (Fiction » Horror) , 2013-12-19 02:29:04
My friend Suzie is no where to be found. I don't want to admit what is the obvious but now I feel all eyes on me and I can't shake the feeling that something big is going to happen.
Rainy Days349 views5 comments
 by John Lampe (Fiction » Horror) , 2013-11-29 08:32:25
Are you scared yet?
The Black Shuk287 views3 comments
 by Samuel Chesser (Fiction » Horror) , 2013-08-29 08:59:58
Vignette from a book I'm writing. Just want some opinions.
untitled280 views4 comments
 by Lauren Evers (Fiction » Horror) , 2013-01-28 03:35:00
One-shot article. I know I could use allot more details, but this isn't really a story.
Flesh Envy420 views4 comments
 by Samuel Chesser (Fiction » Horror) , 2012-10-24 05:21:49
The basic issue for something I'm working on.
darkness1033 views6 comments
 by melanie sword (Fiction » Horror) , 2011-09-24 13:49:14
my first attempt at something out of the ordinary
The 'In Crowd'-part 1665 views8 comments
 by Lydia Snowe (Fiction » Horror) , 2011-06-26 06:05:42
she just wanted to fit in.
Black sabbath part 3184 views0 comments
 by coner jay (Fiction » Horror) , 2011-05-07 15:14:30
His victaims are now his game
Black Sabbath Part 2243 views2 comments
 by coner jay (Fiction » Horror) , 2010-12-22 21:32:21
Mr. Black claims his next victam
Black Sabbath283 views1 comments
 by coner jay (Fiction » Horror) , 2010-11-27 05:12:48
Black Sabbath is a the story about Mr. Black who wears a burnt gas mask who was trapped in an underground bunker fortress that is made of piping systems. A group of friends find and get trapped inside of the base. Mr. Black soon after finding out how many
The Assistant(s)521 views3 comments
 by Amy Hill (Fiction » Horror) , 2010-10-29 22:50:17
About a mentally ill magician's assistant. It's a short story I'm working on for a contest. I crave your feedback because I want it to be as good as possible. Thanks!
Creatures of Myth and Legend643 views6 comments
 by Krystyl Lisoh (Fiction » Horror) , 2010-10-07 15:48:21
Written for a class and my teacher told me it was epic...i just wanna know what you all think.
The Masked Man1063 views10 comments
 by Alexandria Kaprelian (Fiction » Horror) , 2010-08-30 17:59:38
A woman is being brutally tortured... Was it just her unlucky day? Or was her torment meant to happen?
Chapter One - Phases 439 views7 comments
 by Edwin Gonzalez (Fiction » Horror) , 2010-08-12 18:39:31
First chapter in Samuel's journey of self realization and search of his missing grandfather.
Logos419 views3 comments
 by Edwin Gonzalez (Fiction » Horror) , 2010-07-27 02:23:17
Sleepless night, aching pains, and blackouts. Samuel has been changing. He is unaware of what is happening to him. To make matters worse his grandfather has disappeared and now he will head on a journey that will lead him to all of his answers but in a wo
The Mist Of Melissa814 views13 comments
 by Alexandria Kaprelian (Fiction » Horror) , 2010-06-12 22:08:40
Here is just an excerpt from my story I am writing. I hope you like it!
Torments Of The Damned!!239 views3 comments
 by Justin Barwick (Fiction » Horror) , 2010-04-03 14:28:07
A dark tale of malevolent forces...
Through A Glass Darkly...228 views1 comments
 by Justin Barwick (Fiction » Horror) , 2010-04-02 14:13:26
a mysterious saga involving dark forces...
The Wreck228 views2 comments
 by Joe Riccio (Fiction » Horror) , 2010-02-19 06:24:56
Second half-got a bit longer than I wanted but it's done.
The Wreck200 views3 comments
 by Joe Riccio (Fiction » Horror) , 2010-02-12 16:22:14
short story-2nd and 3rd sections
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